Yes, we expect you to wash your dishes, wipe down dirty surfaces, sweep and mop. Walk in to a clean kitchen, leave a clean kitchen. Cleanup happens within your scheduled time. We supply all the necessary cleaning supplies. We are responsible for the weekly deep cleaning.

Kitchen time is booked in advance. It’s a First-Reserved, First-Served Basis. We accept checks or Paypal. You can book hours any time, including future months in advance if there are set days/times you prefer.

If unreserved time is available, hours can be purchased anytime during that current month. Let us know 24 hours in advance at the latest. The rate may be discounted if you exceed 40.

We understand that it is sometimes hard to estimate how many hours you may need. If this happens, contact us as soon as you can, and we will try to find clients that need extra hours or are willing to trade. Otherwise, you pay for the hours you book.

No. No one under 16 is allowed in the kitchen area or classroom while a member is using the kitchen for business use. If your son or daughter is 16 or older and is an employee of your business, they will be allowed to work with you in the kitchens.

For your protection, comfortable non-slip shoes. Apron, or chef’s jacket/shirt

We have two kitchens, one geared towards caterers and one for bakers. You will have a kitchen to yourself when you book your time. The only thing you will share is the dish-washing sink. We will also have some space for chefs that just need some prep table space. This prep space is for chefs that don’t require appliances and may be packaging products, decorating cakes, or food truck operators prepping food or washing up. When you schedule kitchen time, we’ll ensure you have a safe and efficient work environment.

Yes. Even if you aren’t quite ready to start a business but want to see what we are about, we’re happy to show you around. Just fill out the contact us page and tell us you’d like a tour and we’ll set something up.

Simple! After the required documents are on file (application, insurance, servsafe cert), and you’ve had a tour of the kitchen to familiarize yourself with the equipment and our procedures, you’re ready to book kitchen time.